Monday, 7 November 2011

The Liverpool Trip - September 2011

The trip to Liverpool seems like a lifetime ago...
Our first stop was Crosby Beach, to look at Another Place by Antony Gormley. The installation consists of one-hundred cast iron figures, which are replicas of Gormleys own body. Each figure is exacty the same height, 6ft 2in approx, but the height they are actually placed within the sand differs across the two-mile stretch of beach that the installation covers. All the figures face out to sea, and as the tide ebbs and flows, the figures are revealed and submerged by the water...perhaps giving them the appearance of drowning.
I felt that the fact they were all staring out to sea gave the impression that they were looking to somewhere else - 'Another Place', away from here.
Overall i found the installation impressive, but the atmosphere was quite dark and eerie...even though I'm not sure why, there was something about the stillness and the blank expressions on the figures that added to the atmosphere.


The next stop was Liverpool City Centre - Albert Docks. instead of focusing on the museums and galleries (which i have seen many times, due to having part of my family in Liverpool) i focused on the Docks themselves and their situation. I took some intersting shots around the docks, which i think made me look at the area in a different way to how i have done before. As I have visited so many times before, I tend to overlook the area, but really focusing on the area made me appreciate it more and i noticed things i have previously discarded as an everyday view.

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