Understanding Imagery - 'My Space' - 4VC011

Working towards a final design:

Some initial brainstorms:

After being given the new brief for the 'My Space' project, I did a few brainstorms relating to the key words within the brief, which have helped me generate some ideas for images i could use and what material to start collecting.

My Room:
From my brainstorms, I decided that my bedroom would be a good starting point for this project, as it is the one place that is mine and reflects who I am, and houses my personal belongings. Also, as i don't live at home anymore I find that when I visit home my bedroom has become more of a sentimental place that i miss...A LOT.

'The Room with a View' - my bedroom window

The view out of my window

Photo Frames:
After looking around my room, it became clear to me that a huge area of wall and shelf space was took up with photos/photo frames. I then became interested in not what is in the frame, but the frames themselves. I think that frames say a lot about the photo that is inside them, and I think for most people, but myself definately, put a lot of thought into the type of frame the use for a particular photograph. I also like the decorative element of the frames in my room. Here are some photos i took of frames that i have around my bedroom:

Sentimental Objects:
Personally, i have a lot of objects and ornaments that are really sentimental to me...and when i look at them they remind me of a particular person or place, even times in my life...memories. Also, i am not one for throwing things away and now own quite a large collection of things that mean a lot to me. These are some starting points i have made:

My dreamcatcher...so far 18 years no nightmares :)

Icelandic Lava Rock....Not pretty, but how many people can say they've been to Iceland? (the country!!!)

'Freshly Caught Fairy Folk' - basically a fairy in a jar. My gran had one when i was little exactly the same...reminds me of her.

Personalised Pen Topper...although its too fragile to serve its purpose. One of the last things my gran ever bought me herself.

Turkish 'Evil Eye' bracelet...as you can see from the 'wear and tear', i never take it off.

'Non-musical Elephant' - a present from my boyfriend....the first thing he ever bought me....and it was broken.

Uni ID card....now i feel like a 'proper' student!
As this is where i was born and brought up for 18 years, i decided to explore areas of Birmingham that I don't visit regularly, but are places i know makes Birmingham a more special place for me. The following photos are from the canals that run through Birmingham City Centre, and i find them a fascinating place to visit and walk along, as sometimes you can't believe you are right in the heart of the second-city. I also tried to capture some of the transient objects from my brainstorm - mainly light and reflections, which created some unusual effects...especially as all the photos were took on a camera phone:

Other Locations:
The following photos are ones that i have took in places i have visited at least once and have sentimental memories attached to them. Also some images have again captured light and reflections effectively:

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