Experimental Typograhy

So, a new year and a new brief...so to start with some experimental compositions made using bits and pieces from the 'Radio Times'. With my layouts I wanted to create designs that were away from what we are used to seeing in magazines, to attract attention and make the reader think 'Yeah, i want to read that'...

Design Set 1

Design Set 2

Design Set 3

I then moved on to creating A3 layouts using a specific grid, I found this task to be more challenging, as the grid restricted some of the ideas I had. I quite enjoyed this short task as it really got my mind thinking about good composition and making effective choices in relation to allignment and typeface.


Thumbnails for victorian architecture. I experimented with different layouts and compositions for individual articles so that i can piece them together to create my double page spread.

Thumbnails for Wolverhampton Parks

Thumbnails for Student Housing

design for my double page spread

Thumbnails for my front cover

Black and white printout of the front cover - will be trimmed down with smaller borders.